Firefly helps Ethereum smart contract developers
get higher assurance.

Firefly tests your smart contract test-suite.

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Benefits of using Firefly

Jump opcodes
All jump opcodes have both of their branches executed.
Invalid opcodes
No invalid opcodes in the code base were reached by tests.
Revert opcodes
All revert opcodes in the code base were reached by some tests.
Performance 01

Firefly out-performs ganache-cli, which means less time spent waiting for test results and more time finding and fixing bugs.

Code Analysis 02
Code Analysis

Firefly collects additional information while executing your tests, augmenting your test results with fine-grained coverage information that goes deeper than available Solidity coverage tools.

Continuous Integration 03
Continuous Integration

Firefly integrates directly with GitHub Status Checks, allowing you to set code health metrics and maintain them throughout development.

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